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Defenders Of The Faith


Here are links to other articles of interest, for the educated Metalhead.

The Metal Archives, AKA  Encyclopaedia Metallum, your definitive source for all things Metal. 
Dark Lyrics  is the best place to find words to your favorite songs. Don't even pretend you can understand goregrind. 

Terrorizer Magazine reigns supreme.  "If you're a fan of metal, go read something else. If you LIVE metal, you really should be reading Terrorizor."

Revolver Magazine featuring freelancer Kris Krovatin, who is also the author of Heavy Metal and You and Venomous.  Great articles on mainstream Metal, this magazine also grazes upon the underground scene.

Decibel Magazine   boasts the title of being the only monthly Metal magazine in America. Great coverage of both mainstream and underground artists.

Metalhammer Magazine  keeps up-to-date with mainstream Metal. The focus is usually on established (and deserving) artists. Basically, this is Metal 101. A brief history of the origins, style, and subgenres. Humorous and accurate.  Another funny article about the ridiculous precision with which we classify subgenres of Metal. Brutally honest. Kick-ass photos of rock concerts in motion. The art of Miguel Chavez has been featured in galleries such as Warehouse 21. Sweet.   A web-zine dedicated to the underground Metal scene. Everything from photos to video to articles.

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