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Friday, January 30, 2015

Terra Caput Mundi: Praeparatio Aeternum Bellum

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Raw speed and aggression are the outstanding qualities of Terra Caput Mundi, a speed metal band from St. Louis.  With three previously released albums under their belt, Praeparatio Eternum Bellum is the latest addition to their consistently badass arsenal.  The drumming is simple but catchy, and the vocals range from raspy growls to all-out screams. The guitars play simple, angry riffs, reminiscent of early punk rock and thrash metal. Shredding guitar solos often steal the spotlight, but the rhythm sections can be repetitive. Although some songs are slower than others, the tempo remains energetic and brisk. The melodies are unpredictable yet chock full of hooks.

Praeparatio Eternum Bellum is a very solid and cohesive album, and the tracks flow into each other smoothly. That said, some songs outshine the rest of the album. The opening track, (We Are) The Tank Crew, is one hell of a party jam. Who needs sedatives when you have tasty bass lines? Iron Guard is another charismatic anthem, with addictive riffs and rhythmic percussion.

I rarely enjoy an album from start to finish, but there's not a single bad song on this record. In fact, I think it's cut off tragically short at only six tracks. This excellent album is available for pre-order on bandcamp, and you can also check out the band's own website. What's not to like? Four stars out of five.

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